Hi Everyone, 

Since the closing down of SG, I've decided to open up another medium for re-selling clothes online. I do hope that you girls will support me. send in the stuffs that you wanna sell and I'll post it up. Thanks!

PS: A blogshop will not go a long way without good suggestions, Please email me your suggestions to make this blog a better place. Thank you so much! ;-)


1. We are a site to aid shoppers in re-selling their purchases online. Therefore, we do not own anything here.

2. We will always love Shopping Gazebo. 

3. Do send in your e-mails with proper information provided. Please do not left out any important details. Buyers has the right to know every single detail of the item. 

4. Please follow the format provided. Do not change the format, colour, informations, and font size of the whole thing. This will only delay the whole posting as we will have to change it back for you. 

5. All items must be BRAND NEW. 

6. Buyers are required to at least send in one 'real' picture of the item that is taken by their own camera. 

7. Maximum is 4 Pics.   Minimum is 2. please do not attemp to photoshop the pic and make it into 4 pics at one attachment. Please understand that this is very unfair to the other sellers. 
exception: pictures from blogshop that you can't change. 

8. Buyers who cheat will be blacklisted. please note that we can trace your ID and we will know who you are. 

9. Pictures size should not be more than 1MB (1000KB). Please resize it with Paint or other applications. thank you. 

10. Please state your e-mail add. correctly.